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How to do winged eyeliner – Because it never gets any easier

I have a confession to make – winged liner still makes me incredibly nervous. Unless it is a super special occasion, I’m pretty much just gonna pop on a pair of lashes, add some extra smoke and… we have grunge again. BUT there was a time where I was actually pretty good at winged liner, simply because I was doing it all day, every day, working on counter and re-doing my own, because well, Mondays can be slow…That was a good couple of years ago, and we have all come on leaps and bounds since then when it comes to sharing our tips and tricks and finding the best products for creating awesome makeup effects.

If Chrisppy can turn herself into freaking Dory from Finding Nemo, surely we can do a simple cate eye? So like with all of life’s difficulties I turned to the internet for help. Here are my findings.

Accept that the struggle is  oh so real

 Even fly queen Desi Perkins understand this.

Be sketchy

Well, wow. When I first discovered this trick I was amazed. Of course, you should draw a guideline! That just makes so much sense. I’ve been doing it the hard way all along.

Sketch a line to follow with a light eyeliner pencil. This will give you time to find the shape you are looking for and also practice the movement of drawing the line. I know I for one suffer from the liquid eyeliner shakes, so getting used to drawing the line really helps. Once you have perfected your sketch on both sides, switch to your liquid or gel and et voila, perfect liner. Almost…

Conceal, don’t feel

Similar to your sketchy behaviour, you can also utilise concealer to assist you in your quest for winged greatness. Check out this great liner tutorial from glow baby Jamie Genevieve.

 Use your stabilisers


Choose wisely

The liner you use can really make a difference to how well this whole process goes. I prefer a liner with a solid tip rather than a brush. Many people also find pen liners a lot simpler to use, but the only down side is that certain brands seem to dry up pretty quickly, or don’t give a super black look.  The ultimate pen liner is the Kat Von D “Tattoo Liner” and I would say, pretty uncontroversially, that it has become a cult favourite. Another excellent option is Eyeko’s Skinny Liner – similarly popular among the winged angels of beauty.

Clip your wings

SAVE YOURSELF THE ANGUISH.  Pre-measure your eyeliner wings by marking where they should end on each side. If you still get a little over-zealous, use a cotton bud to cut them down to size.

Don’t Pull on the Sides of Your Eyes

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not sure I will ever be able to stop doing this. However, pulling on the sides of your eyes can dramatically change the direction of your line. I know, I have erred. According to make-up artists, the best way to ensure your lines stay straight is to gently close your eyes, look down (definitely NOT up), and simply (lol) draw the line as close to your lash line as you can using your sketches/dots/ concealer/ liner pen to help you out.

If all else fails – cheat

Maybe this entire post will pretty soon be redundant, when you all rush out and buy this..


 FYI, this is not sponsored by Vamp Stamp, and I am genuinely curious to find out if this is a real solution. If you have tried the Vamp Stamp, HMU, let me know. Or if you have any other great tips, share them with your fellow Ryot GRL’s in the comments.

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