Benefit Cosmetics

The brand that started it all. My first ever high-end makeup item was a Christmas gift set from Benefit Cosmetics. I was instantly hooked. With quirky packaging and easy-to-use products, Benefit dominates as a brand for everyday beauty.

Benefit Cosmetics Products

Benefit Cosmetics is famed for creating products that are completely unique, and solve many of our beauty woes. They have a focus on enhancing natural beauty, with fix-its and fake-its, but have very little in the way of ‘colour’ (lipstick, eye shadow etc.). Some of my all-time favourite products come from Benefit, including a cult classic highlighter, the world best-selling mascara, and the original brow kit.

 Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar Services

In addition to dreaming up some creative and inspiring products, Benefit Cosmetics carve a mean brow. With certain counters having a full-service brow bar, the Benefit way of waxing brows ensures the most flattering finish for your face. Serious power arch for me please.

I honestly couldn’t go anywhere else for brows now, and the follow up service ensures you receive a demonstration of a seriously comprehensive set of brow products. Brow highlights anyone? Benefit Cosmetics offers waxing, tinting, lip waxing and chin waxing  at many counters, with the Boutiques offering a number of other services including spray tanning and  even a champagne bar.

 Benefit Cosmetics Values

But its not only the products and services that make the Benefit brand, it’s the story, company values and how Benefit wants their customers to feel about themselves. The company motto is ‘Laughter is the Best Cosmetic’ (there is even a song) and the company strives to make both their artists and customers appreciate how fun makeup can be. With regular dress up days and encouraging customers to sit down and get involved in the fun, this is certainly a brand that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Is Benefit Cosmetics Cruelty Free/Vegan?

The official website states that Benefit do not test on animals, saying –

“We are deeply committed to the elimination of animal testing. We are one of only a few companies to have invested in creating our own internal department to test raw materials and ingredients to further ensure the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers, which is our top priority.”

However, the brand believes in being transparent with customers stating that it is almost impossible for any cosmetics company to guarantee that the ingredients in their products have not been tested on animals at any point. Whilst they require certification from suppliers that safe alternative testing methods have been used on all ingredients, Because they are not involved in the testing process Benefit refuse to make this assurance to customers. They also refuse to provide a vegan product list. 

Fun fact: Benetint was actually created to tint the nipples of topless dancers to make them more visible. Now you know.