Buy Colourpop UK

Looking to buy Colourpop but stuck in the UK? Look no more… For years we have been lusting after Colourpop’s fabulous range of liquid lipsticks, highlighters and shadows and now you can finally buy Colourpop in the UK. Yas. Whilst the process is a little more challenging than popping into your local Debenhams, anyone who has ordered products online from the US before will be familiar with some of the steps.

Why Couldn’t I buy Colourpop in the UK before?

Colourpop have been particularly famous for providing dupes to high end products with a more affordable price point. The difficulty has been getting our hands on these beauty gems, as previously Colourpop did not sell in stores, or ship to the UK. Popular, yet challenging ways to buy Colourpop goods in the past included:

  1. Using Borderlinx or other courier service. This meant getting a P.O Box in the US and having the courier service post to you from this P.O box – time consuming and expensive.
  2. Going on vacay to the US and having your order shipped to your hotel – risky.

Although I considered both of these methods  to buy Colourpop in the past, I have never actually used them so I’m not even sure how effective they would have been. ANYWAY all of that difficulty is behind us, as earlier this year Colourpop announced they would ship directly to the UK.

How much does Colourpop International Shipping Cost?

The bad news is that the shipping is a little pricey. At a flat rate of $25, this adds about £18 on to the cost of your makeup order. Yuck. BUT I promise you will be so excited by how cheap their awesome products are, that you will already be committed to purchasing. Oh Colourpop, you had me at Kylie Lipkit Dupe.

Will I have to pay Customs and Excise Duty on my Makeup?

On top of shipping, it is likely you will be required to pay Customs and Excise Duty. This is done in one of two ways (which you have no control over) either-

You will receive your package first and subsequently receive a letter from the courier (in my experience this is almost always Fedex). The letter will provide you with a reference and you can either call and pay, or you can very easily pay online through internet banking.

The other and more irritating procedure is where your package is held at customs until the duty is paid. HMRC recruit external agencies to chase these fees and often they contact you by mail to let you know you have fees to pay. This can take quite a while, so I would recommend continually checking the progress of your package and as soon as it is at customs, contact your courier to find out how to make the payment.

In both circumstances they do make it pretty easy for you to pay. I have however, forgotten to pay a Fedex bill before and they are pretty quick to try and enforce payment. You only have 7 days from when you receive the letter to pay before you receive the slightly less polite demand letters. Sorry Fedex, I’m just forgetful ok?

Should I Buy Colourpop Online?

Whilst all of the above may seem like unnecessary hassle, I have found the process relatively simple. Also, although shipping is a little steep, the savings you make on the products themselves more than make up for it. Other brands charge up to four times as much for similar products to Colourpop (with the rumour mill circulating that the formulas are almost exactly the same). If you are still not convinced, just know this is a really fun brand with a wide variety of cult products, constantly being used by beauty influencers and celebrities.

As always, if there is anything you would like Ryot GRL to review or find out about Colourpop, let us know. Happy shopping and happy shipping!

To buy Colourpop, visit their site here.