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Why I cant get down with being naked on the internet

I’m not the girl that posts empowering, near-nude pictures on the internet. My explore page is filled with pale bodies and fishnets. Rounded butts and sharp collar bones. Pouted mouths asking for nipple equality, and silent voices demanding that we love ourselves. I greet every one of these glorious acts of defiance with a ‘YAS SLAY QUEEN’ and heart eyes emoji – but I don’t join in.

I used to think it was because I wasn’t brave enough, wasn’t confident enough. That I wasn’t the rebellious free-spirit I had always thought. That I was too worried about what my friends, family, and co-workers would think. That maybe if I wasn’t willing to bare all for the cause, I just wasn’t body-posi, feministy enough. But really, it’s just not me. I’m not the radical feminist, I’m the practical one.

Whilst all causes need warriors, we need diplomats and educators too. When social media platforms police women’s bodies, my act of defiance is not to add to the growing body of artistic nudity, but to support the artists with undeniable proof, in law and fact, that it is total bullshit.

You bring the case, I’ll bring the evidence.

Most women don’t really care about me being naked on the internet. Most women just want to be paid equally to their male counterparts. To be equally eligible for promotion. Not to fear losing their jobs when they fall pregnant. To understand the support available to them if they decide to leave an abusive partner. To know what will happen if they report a sexual assault. To know how they can help support equality laws in other countries. The law exists to protect us, but it is hidden in an archaic system that seeks to keep it a secret.

To mark International Women’s Day, I have built a new section of the Ryot GRL site dedicated to providing information about the law, legal issues and rights. It’s called GRL Fight, because it is designed to provide you with the information and practical advice you need to fight for feminist issues. It is very much in its infancy, but if any lawyers, journalists, legal writers, support workers or anyone else who has valuable knowledge to share wants to get in touch, I would be eternally grateful.

Use today to discover what kind of feminist you are, radical, practical, artistic, political, revolutionary or otherwise, and find your most valuable way to contribute. Mine just happens to be information, what’s yours?

Pic cred: Robin Eisenberg

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