Kylie Causes Controversy with New Blush Shade Names

Kylie is stirring up trouble in the beauty world once again after Twitter users voiced outrage at her choice of shade names. The five new blushes that launched on Friday, are named Hopeless Romantic, Hot and Bothered, Barely Legal, X Rated, and Virginity. Interesting.

As outraged people of they internet do, Kylie fans took to Twitter to voice their rage and concern about the names. Given that Kylie was underage when she first got together with a mid-twenties Tyga, there is concern that Kylie might be sexualising her young fans.

To be honest, my first thoughts were ‘Wait, didn’t we get outraged with Kat Von D for this a few years ago?” and lets not get started on NARS…

As a person with a sister at the tender age of 14, I’m not offended. Salacious product names are as likely to be met with an eye roll among teenagers as a cringe-worthy dad joke . I think it’s only the grown-ups that would think twice about it.

What are you guys thoughts? Is it faux outrage? Is Kylie attention seeking? Do celebrities need to be more sensitive to younger audiences? Let us know in the comments, or why not join our BRAND NEW FACEBOOK GROUP.

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