Mothers Day Beauty Gift Ideas Chosen by my Actual Mother

Greetings children. It is Mother’s Day real soon and all of the glamorous Mums deserve the world. But I’m guessing all you can afford is some cosmetics or a candle, so may as well make them great. Here are our recommends for things your Mum will love. We hope. You can blame us if they don’t, it’s fine.

Also, we have tried to choose things that are either eligibe for Amazon Prime or readily available in major department stores so that you can be sure you get them on time. Now aint that service? Anyway, on with the article.

I got to spend last weekend at home with my sister and my dog whilst my Mum was away. This gave me a rare and exciting opportunity to relive my teenage years by rifling through my Mum’s luxury beauty products, and pretending I was at some kind of spa. Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I thought I would report back on my findings.

£10 or less

Skye Candles – £6

Can’t go wrong with a good candle, and these are Scottish luxury at a very affordable price point. I personally have some of their winter scents, so it is a perfect time to upgrade given that it is officially the first day in Spring. One for Mum, one for you maybe?


Lord and Berry Lipstick – £12

I first tried Lord and Berry as part of Cohorted subscription box, and was very impressed by both the product and the high-end feel of the packaging. It looks pretty similar to Bobbi Brown, and I just love a dual product – and so does my Mum. Lipstick and liner in one? Sign us up.


Rose Trinket Box – £9.50

I had to include this as it is really similar to the first ever Mother’s Day gift I remember choosing for my Mum myself. My Dad gave me £5 to choose whatever I wanted to get her, and I chose a heart shaped trinket box from a local jeweller.



Stila Convertible Blush – £16

This is probably the product that reminds me most of my Mum, I think she has been wearing it for more than 10 years, and I have bought it for here on numerous Mother’s Days, birthdays and Christmases. This product really works well with more mature skin, giving a dewy pop of colour. It is also buildable, so if your Mum isn’t so into a bright blush, a light dab will suit her perfectly. The ideal pocket per-me-up.



Dior Eyeliner – £19.50

This is what I got my Mum last year for Mother’s Day after a request for a brown liner. There were incredible specifics that accompanied this request, and after visiting 3 department stores and a great number of counters, I decided that this was the one. It also comes with a sharpener which it just a nice touch really.


Illamasqua Lipstick in ‘Starkers’ – £19.50

When I was working on counter I bought a lot of Illamasqua. Not one to be left out, my Mum wanted in on the action but not ‘one of those mad colours’. Say no more Mum…

lips_lipstick_starkers_1_1_ starkers

Pur lip oils £32.50

Lip oils are really taking off and it’s not hard to see why. They wear away rather than rub off, leaving your lips looking natural and hydrated. Hydration is key for more mature lips, allowing them to look plumped and soft. Oh, and they feel loads nicer than a sticky lip gloss.


Gatineau Little Luxuries set – £28

Gatineau is my Mum’s latest skin care obsession, and after giving myself a luxury facial last week, I can attest to the fact that this stuff is bomb. This is an excellent value little set I found, but anything from this brand is bound to please.


Molton Brown Rhubarb and Rose – £20

My Mum is obsessed with this new scent, and in fact, bought everyone she possible could the bubble bath for Christmas. Including me, it is a delight.



Bobbi Brown Face Base – £42

You know the drill. Smells great, super hydrating, can be worn alone or under makeup. FAB for mature skin.


Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder – £32

The only foundation-like substance my Mum will wear.


Chanel Universal Bronzer – £32

If your Mum isn’t obsessed with Chanel Universal Bronzer, is she even your Mum?


Gatineau Firming Throat Gel Duo – £36

If there is another thing the Mothers in my family take seriously, it is firming the neck and decollate area. This comes in a pretty generous tube unlike many other skin care products of this nature. If you choose to go down this path, we hope your Mum appreciates the gift and doesn’t give you too much of a hard time about getting her a saggy neck remedy…


£50 +

Ok ok, so we are getting into super luxury territory, but we promise you these products come highly recommended.

Revitalash – £66

This comes not only from my own Mum, but from a number of others as well. This is a lash growth formula that stimulates lash growth from the lash line. The product works in 3-week cycles, and one Mother commented that when her lashes grew in, they were so long they were touching her glasses! My own Mum has stopped wearing false lashes since using this product. Worth it if you have a Mother concerned about sparse lashes.


Pericone Set – £75

So  most of you guys have not seen my mother, but if you had, you would realise there must be some kind of witch craft going on to make her look so youthful. At present, she swears it is this and with products such as ‘Blue Plasma’ Perricone seem to have taken anti-ageing to the next level. Or my mum is using their packaging to store the elixir of life. Either way, use potion, look 21 forever.


Let me know what you guys are buying and what you are up to on Sunday in the comments. Here is a bonus Mother’s Day in Scotland poem:

Will it be sunshine, will it be snow?

Can we really,

ever know?


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