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Kylie Causes Controversy with New Blush Shade Names

Kylie is stirring up trouble in the beauty world once again after Twitter users voiced outrage at her choice of shade names. The five new blushes that launched on Friday, are named Hopeless Romantic, Hot and Bothered, Barely Legal, X Rated, and Virginity. Interesting.

As outraged people of they internet do, Kylie fans took to Twitter to voice their rage and concern about the names. Given that Kylie was underage when she first got together with a mid-twenties Tyga, there is concern that Kylie might be sexualising her young fans.

To be honest, my first thoughts were ‘Wait, didn’t we get outraged with Kat Von D for this a few years ago?” and lets not get started on NARS…

As a person with a sister at the tender age of 14, I’m not offended. Salacious product names are as likely to be met with an eye roll among teenagers as a cringe-worthy dad joke . I think it’s only the grown-ups that would think twice about it.

What are you guys thoughts? Is it faux outrage? Is Kylie attention seeking? Do celebrities need to be more sensitive to younger audiences? Let us know in the comments, or why not join our BRAND NEW FACEBOOK GROUP.


Manny and Jeffree Reveal their Collab (and are coming to the UK)

All has been revealed this week, with Manny MUA and Jeffree Star finally sharing the collab that has been a long time in the making. With a beautiful new Skin Frost and two of J-Star’s iconic liquid lipsticks, box is sure to be a bestseller.

The best news for fans is that Beauty Bay will have the products in stock for UK makeup lovers from the April 8th launch date! How exciting! We never get anything at launch! Get in quick, because those shades…are the one(s). Check em out’ here:

BUT WAIT…Jeffree Star and Manny MUA Meet and Greet UK

To celebrate the launch Manny and Jeffree will be doing UK meet and greets. You can catch the boys in London, Liverpool and Manchester where you will also be able to shop the new collection with Beauty Bay, as well as Jeffree’s existing collection . J-Star Cosmetics IRL. Head over to the Facebook page for ticket deets.

But wait again…is it cool to like Jeffree Star?

There has been an absolute STORM surrounding this pair. With Jeffree’s temper tantrums, alleged treatment of women in the industry, racial slurs made by the pair on and off camera, his fued with Makeup by Shayla, the video from his MySpace days where he lashes out violently at a female fan and his fued with former friend Kat Von D – can we really support him and his bestie? This seems like another topic for a longer post, but even though I freaking love the new shades, I’m becoming increasing uncomfortable with the evidence to demonstrate that J-Star just aint a good guy.

While we got you here…Join our BRAND NEW FACEBOOK GROUP to let us know what you think of the collab, and meet other UK makeup lovers. Or leave a comment below, whichever you would prefer.


Samantha Ravandahl Reveals her Shade for MAC

“A literal dream come true. I never imagined that I would have the opportunity, and it feels like all my hard work and passion is coming full circle.”

I am so happy to see this happening. We have been following Sam and her adventures for a while, and she really works her ass off to make shit happen. Also, MAC seem to be finally accepting the digital revolution and getting involved with influencers rather than celebrities for their collabs, which let’s face it –is what we all want to see. We no longer look up to celebrities for makeup inspiration, and whilst celebrity collabs are cool, I’m much more excited about the prospect of the upcoming influencer lipsticks. If I’m honest, I’m a bit of a MAC hater. I think I own maybe two lipsticks? It just doesn’t excite me, they test on animals, they seem to have rested on ‘making it’ as the largest colour brand and I just feel like there is so much out there. ANYWAY

M.A.C Senior VP Global Communications, Catherine Bomboy Dougherty said:

“We’ve partnered with icons from the worlds of fashion, pop culture, celebrity, music and art to bring to life their point of view on beauty. While each collaborator has a unique vision, they all share authenticity in their partnership with the brand. We bring this authenticity now to a new type of influencer specifically in the beauty space. These beauty influencers are models, photographers, experts, editors, and artists all-in-one and we admire their makeup artistry talent, point of view and love they inspire from their fans.”

The MACxSamanthaRavndahl lipstick will launch in April.

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