Cruelty Free Alternatives to Victoria’s Secret Body Mists

Ok so I have a bit of a dirty Secret, I LOVE VS body mists. I know they smell like a teenager’s bedroom. I know that they are exceptionally over priced –  but I just love them as a simple solution to smelling fresh (if not overly sweet) all day long.

However, until VS stop selling in China and are complicit in mandatory animal testing it is time to explore some other options. I put out a call to my best beauty babes to find out what their fave spritzes are, and scoured and smelled my way round the high street and the internet for some sweet alternatives.

So you know what we’re working with, my personal favourites from the VS spray collection are –

  • Vanilla Lace
  • Warm & Cosy
  • Clean & Fresh
  • Pure Seduction (wink)

Here are the best of the cruelty-free bunch.

Bath and Body Works Body Mists

Sigh. So, Bath and Body Works are great, and exceptionally similar to the overall style of the VS sprays – ticking the boxes so far. BUT although they’re currently cruelty free, they will allow testing by law if they ever choose to sell in an area that requires. As a result, they aren’t logical harmony certified but they don’t currently sell to anywhere that requires testing. Their bottles have the cruelty free logo and they remain ‘committed ‘ to their cruelty free policies.

All time fave ever, Warm Vanilla Sugar – it is a delight.


£19  available on Amazon Prime 

However, if you prefer to not buy from companies whose parent tests, then you might want to consider some of the other options.

The Body Shop Body Mists

The good old Body Shop.  An excellent variety of long lasting scents.

Shea £8.50


Warm and sweet, this a good alternative for Vanilla Lace. It is also made with  Community Trade sugarcane essence from Brazil, bonus points for FAIR TRADE.

Smoky Rose £8.50


I love everything rose scented, or musky so this is the perfect cominnation for me. You can also get into the VS concept of ‘scent layering’ with the accompanying perfumes and body lotions.

NSPA Body Mist

This was a surprise brand that I have always seen on shelves but never really used before.  Available at Asda or to buy online, NSPA offers cheap and vegan body mists in a number of popular scnets. Their basic Vanilla one is staple material, and I’m looking forward to trying coconut when I’m feelin’ tropical.


Yes, I am 13 going on 30. Major throwback with the revival of So…? beloved perfume of pre-teens. But, lets face it that is the scent we are looking for in a body mist.


Vanilla Milkshake £3.99, Superdrug

The cruelty free statement on the So…? website is not the most user friendly:

“Do you test your products on animals?

The raw materials that we use in our products are all vegetable or mineral derived, we do not use animal derived raw materials .The raw materials we use are all cosmetic grade and have not been tested on animals for the purposes of use in cosmetics. The componentry that we use ( the bottle, cap, pump carton etc ) are mineral or vegetable / petroleum derived, no animal derived product has been used in their production according to information provided by our suppliers. I would also like to add that since the creation of the So…? brand in 1994 we have never tested any of our products on animals and neither has any other organisation arranged animal testing on our behalf.”

I take that to mean that they are in fact cruelty free.


Watermelon £3.99, Superdrug

The body mists are a bargain £3.99 and available in Superdrug stores and online. Pop in to your local store to have a smell and a nostalgic flashback.

Are there any of your best cruelty-free body mists we have missed off the list?

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