Hey Ryot GRL!

Welcome to the little girl-gang with big ambition.

We’re here to prove that you don’t have to pick sides.

We’re here to prove that beauty, body positivity, intelligence and strength go hand in hand.

We’re here for the natural beauties, the buffed, blended, and baked ones,  and  for those rebellious souls who would rather be known for their creativity, hard work, kindness and intellectual contribution than for their looks. Sass before ass, if you will.

We’re here to prove you’re not alone when you think negatively about your body, and when you worry you’ll never be good enough to make your voice heard. To feel deserving of love, worthy of the praise you are given, and understanding of success you have earned requires continual nourishment, and support from Ryot GRL’s just like you.

We’re here to show the idea that a face full of make up can’t be backed up with a good head on your shoulders is insulting and outdated. Choosing how to present to the world is empowering, an act of rebellion against being told who you should be and how you should be.

We’re here to support our fellow Ryot GRLs blazing a trail of their own, using cosmetics as a means of glorious self-expression. All makeup is art. Those who belittle your talent, your passion, your craft, as being in pursuit of vanity or the male gaze are faux friends, my friends.

We’re here to show that we wear make up for us. We don’t need it to impress anyone. We don’t need it to feel beautiful and we certainly don’t need it to conform to anyone’s beauty standards. Taking control of your appearance, delivering your own brand of confidence and self worth for you and you alone, is the most beautiful kind of magic.

We’re here to help each other feel beautiful inside and out. This is not a gossip site, this is not a review site. This is a place to discuss what makes you glow from the inside out – and to discover what will help you add a little sparkle on top.

We’re here to share our knowledge and experiences, both wonderful and painful, in the hope that our fellow GRL’s feel less alone, and more empowered. We’re here to help you understand your rights, and build your confidence to use them, because when it comes to GRL’s, sometimes the world doesn’t fight fair.

We’re here to talk beauty; loudly, unashamedly, and with unrelenting passion.

We’re here to talk rights; clearly, concisely and with uninterrupted advocacy.

We’re here to talk sisterhood; openly, honestly and with unforgiving fearlessness.

We’re the Ryot GRLs, and its hella’ rad to meet you.


What is Ryot GRL?

Ryot GRL  is a community committed to the following –

Providing information about popular beauty brands.  Bringing the online offline. Helping you choose, find and use the best beauty products for you.

Supporting local and independent brands by finding the best in indie beauty, clothing, accessories and more.

Sharing intimate, personal stories about issues affecting GRL’s today, whether beauty or non-beauty related.

Promoting body positivity, self-care and girl love.

Building useful  resources for GRL’s facing employment, family, violent, or criminal difficulties under our ‘GRLfight’ section. Theres also some pretty cool content about starting your very own #GRLboss business, and the law you might need to know. GRLboss 101, shall we say.


Curating some of our favourite products from local businesses and further afield, as well as some of our own fabulous creations to fill our little online and pop-up shop.

What does Ryot GRL do?

What don’t we do?

Check out our ‘Products and Services’ page for a run down of our current offerings.

We are open to providing any service (within reason), collaborating with likeminded individuals and acquiring products our customers love. If there is anything you want to see, let us know.

We will be popping up at events throughout Glasgow and the rest of the UK in 2017- but don’t worry we will give you plenty of warning. As well as hosting our own tutorial evenings and blogger events, we will be live streaming via Periscope and creating tutorials to assist you in using your new found beauty loves. 

We also stock products in our online shop, or simply review and link to products we love. If you think you think like us, get in touch! 

Remember, its what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head to toe that matters.

Love and lipstick,

The Ryot Grls.

Contact Ryot GRL, Glasgow

Ryot GRL is a little girl-gang with big ambition. We are based in the Glasgow area and host our own events as well as popping up at markets, parties and special events throughout Scotland. We are dedicated to featuring new and exciting brands we think our fellow Ryot GRL’s will love, and regularly post reviews, how to’s and thought pieces. All web content is written by Emii Lou Ryot, who contributes to a number of online legal and lifestyle publications.  Please see our contact page for more information about collaborating or getting in touch.

In the mean time, if you want to keep up to date with where we are and what were up to, follow us on Instagram @emiilouryot @ryotgrl or find us on Facebook. We will be posting details of all our events, secret previews, giveaways, blogger events and more.